The new baby has arrived! Here’s a few pictures from the first few days. I’ll attempt to update on a few newborn issues.

New arrival - our new baby - newborn issues, labour, birth.

New Baby

Things feel more relaxed the second time around. They kind of have to be because we also have a 21 month old to look after at the same time. I’m still to work out how I’m going to be doing toddler and newborn care at the same time once I’m on my own every day with it. However, it is still very early days.


My brain seems to think the new baby is somehow the first one, but smaller and younger and I was getting slightly confused with names for the first 2 days!


I forgot how painful labour can be (durrrhh). I think “mummy amnesia” is actually supposed to be a real “thing”. I also forgot about all the after-issues, aches and pains; It seems like at first you’re fine, then your body realises you just gave birth and can’t be going around putting the washing on and continuing as usual.


New arrival - our new baby - newborn issues, labour, birth.

Brotherly Love

The first child (LL) seems to be coping very well with the new addition and is not phased. We bought him a new toy and said it was from the baby. He liked the toy. He likes to kiss the baby and takes great interest in him and all his possessions like “baby’s blanket”, “baby’s basket”, and has liked to sit in the Moses basket and baby car seat himself. Hopefully this brotherly love will continue!


Now: a time for adjustment and enjoying.







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    1. Emm Post author

      Thank you so much! Hehe, “children” sounds so strange now. Still getting used to there being more than one!

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