Activity ideas

What to do with baby all day long? A great resource of activity and developmental ideas

It can be a long day with baby…

Here are some activity ideas and links to further info and literature about each activity. Useful for extra ideas to fit into your schedule or maybe if you’re with baby and unsure what activity to do next (and he disagrees with your plan to sit down in front of the TV with a cup of tea for a few mins cause you’re tired….)

How to play with your newborn baby (0-3 months)

what to play with your newborn baby 0 3 months how what why psychology

The psychology of play

The importance/benefits/how to play 

The Psychology of Play with baby, toddler and kids - the benefits and more!

◊ Reading

And, how to read with your baby and infant

Reading with babies and children: The why, what & how, psychological perspectives and findings.

◊ Tummy time

Tummy Time - tips & information, from

More play ideas!

◊ Sensory play

◊ Music

◊ Play Equipment – Baby Play Gyms 

Activity ideas with and without baby 

Tourist Baby

Be a tourist in your own town!… Or actually go places and be a tourist. Here’s some touristy things that the Little Lovely got up to

Baby Friendly London. The London Aquarium. Navigating London with babies and toddlers, fun activities, from
View of the London Aquarium from across Westminster bridge (river Thames)

◊ Kensington Palace

◊ The London Aquarium

◊ The bookstore

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