Simple Bottle Shaker!

We made this simple sensory DIY toy when my Little Lovely was about 8.5 months old, inspired by the home-made sensory bottles I often came across at baby classes:


DIY Simple Bottle Shaker Toy: a great sensory activity for baby!

Simple Bottle Shaker Toy for Baby

This was a quick, simple and cheap way to provide baby with something novel and stimulating!

  1. Wash and dry a used drink bottle

  2. Fill with something that will make a noise when shaken – we used tapioca and dried lentils

  3. I fitted the lid back on tightly. You can’t see that well from the picture but the lid is quite big and so hopefully is not a swallowing risk.


age: LL was about 8.5 months when we did this but we have also used a bottle shaker when he was a bit younger and i’m sure it will amuse him in the future.

Here’s the Little Lovely enjoying his new toy. He enjoyed shaking and bashing it about, and was quite curious about it, as he usually is with new things!


DIY Simple Bottle Shaker Toy: a great sensory activity for baby!

Bottle Shake Baby



A few safety issues: This activity was supervised. The lid is fitted on very tightly so LL will not be able to get it off, chew on it, spill or eat the contents of the bottle, please be careful and decide what, if any, fillings and bottles will be appropriate and safe for your child. Always supervise baby with any activities posted on this blog.




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4 comments on “Simple Bottle Shaker Sensory Activity for Babies & Toddlers

  1. Mrs Tubbs

    Excellent idea. We did something similar for the Tubbletbwhen she was the same age #weekendbloghop

  2. A Moment with Franca

    Good idea! I also give my daughters an empty tablet container with a secure lid (the ones that can only be opened by an adult and put something that will make a noise and they just love shaking it and hearing the noises, 😉 xx #weekendbloghop

  3. Emm Post author

    They’re so simple to make aren’t they, but give a lot of entertainment! These and sensory bottles.

  4. Dy

    Children learn and play through all their senses and sensory play activities are great for providing children with lots of stimuli and new experiences. These Rainbow Sensory Bottles are bright and cheerful and just perfect for baby and toddlers to explore!

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