Let’s Make Stuff

Here’s some stuff we made and activities we got up to…
























DIY Montessori inspired object permanence box for baby/infants. Costs practically nothing to make. baby-brain.co.ukA do-it-yourself Montessori style Object Permanence Box.

Costs nothing to make and has so many learning benefits.






baby water sensory play. baby-brain.co.uk, psychology resource, perspective and blog on motherhood and babiesWater Sensory Play 






fun & sensory play ideas - great list of sensory activities with baby. baby-brain.co.uk. psychology resource, perspective, blog on motherhood & babies

Fun Sensory Play Ideas – a list and links to a range of sensory play ideas that look fun including Water, Goo (e.g. gelatine) and Crafty things to make (e.g. sensory blankets, sensory boards)






spaghetti food sensory play infant/baby. baby-brain.co.uk psychology perspective, resource, blog, motherhood and babies

Spaghetti Food Sensory Play – don’t play with your food! What baby got up to when introduced to some pasta/noodles to play with








Quick easy baby play & activity ideas: baby-brain.co.uk psychology resource, perspective and blog on motherhood

Simple Baby Play Ideas and Activities – list of quick, simple to set up play and activity ideas, with pictures of baby trying them out









4 comments on “Let’s Make Stuff

  1. Lisa Nelson

    WOW! This is not something you read about everyday. What great activities for interacting with your baby in a positive way! Thanks so much for sharing with us on the #homeschoollinkup. I’m definitely pinning this post! I think it will be very helpful to a lot of parents.

    1. Emm Post author

      Thank you! I love the sharing and linkups. Such a good opportunity for us all to share our experience and knowledge with each other, pick up tips and ideas to try out! Have to keep those babies entertained, afterall

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