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what’s for dinner, baby? Toasty dinner

yum yum – organic brown toast with organic butter cut into baby clutch size pieces, and leftovers from an organic baby food pouch of peaches, pear and baby rice that we had earlier today for lunch! I’m still in the “i’m only getting organic and good stuff” phase. But I don’t think it will last long – in a similar vein I planned to eat mainly organic and healthy fruit and vegetables during pregnancy, but that didn’t last long either! I was soon on the chips. I cut out diet fizzy drinks though. I think I read a paper about large consumptions of diet drinks and an association with early labour. I will have to find the study and I think it was associated with quite a large quantity of drink though.

I’ve also finally ordered a high chair, so the Little Lovely can eat his food and we can continue weaning without having to use his bouncy chair. I do like the look of Montessori weaning tables, however, but i’m not sure where to buy one and I don’t know if LL can/would be willing to sit in one yet. More on the Montessori method and weaning here (How we Montessori), including pictures of weaning tables (apparently people make their own, if they can’t find one commercially), and here (At Home with Montessori). Here’s a nice little video of a baby sitting at a weaning table eating and some of the Montessori related thinking and process relating to eating and weaning, from the Full Montessori (good name!). Ceramic or glass bowls/kitchenware is also used in the Montessori method because if it falls and breaks, then baby witnesses and learns the consequence. A trip to the charity shop is in order maybe for some cheap and cheerful bowls that you don’t mind breaking then?!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered that highchair…..

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