So what’s been going on recently for the Little Lovely? He’s 10 and a half months.
♥ He’s currently sick with some stomach bug that he picked up from who knows where. He got ill the evening after attending a baby class, so probably some other child at the class or he picked up and put something contaminated in his mouth that had been touched/mouthed by an infected child. Slightly annoyed, want to email the class and tell them he’s been sick now for 6 days, but babies put things in their mouths, but on the other hand, he’s never been sick before. Anyway, 3 trips to the doctor have been had and he is ok, but it could take 2 weeks to go. He’s not dehydrated and doesn’t have a temperature. If you’re concerned about or want to read more about Gastroenteritis in children, here is an NHS page about it! Have fun reading about the vomiting.
♥ He has a molar coming through on the bottom right. He had two hemotomas on the back of the top left and right gum, where I thought molars were coming through, his upper first molars, but no teeth have appeared. Instead one is coming in on the bottom (lower first molars), which is strange because according to information on appearance of teeth in children it’s usually the upper molars that appear first and then the lower ones at 12-18 months-ish.
♥ He can follow some simple instructions and pays attention when you say something to him such as “Little Lovely, can you say DaDa”, or “can you say cup” – and he’ll most of the time say DaDa or in the last few days can say “cup”, but says it as “bupp” – or something to that effect. He really just makes a “buu” or “bupp” noise but will say it specifically if you ask him to say “cup”, so I think this shows evidence of him listening to what you are saying and trying to speak.
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