So last night I was talking to an acquaintance about our babies; they they have a child a few weeks older than the Little Lovely, or maybe a month older, I can’t remember. Anyway, this parent had told me months ago that their LL sleeps through the night. I was imagining that maybe this was a fad the child was going through, that they couldn’t possibly have slept through the night from such an early age, and maybe now they had settled down to a “normal” night time schedule of waking up several times, just like my LL. But no, this child is still sleeping “through the night” and in fact is apparently sleeping about 13 hours. If they woke in the night they might “grumble for a few moments” but then go back to sleep. They then wake up about 6am but stay in their cot and “talk to their toys” until about 7am. Great, sounds great. The acquaintance then noticed that LL has teeth. So in an effort to big at least something up about LL to counter the other baby’s magical sleep powers I then showed off about how yes he has teeth, can sit up and can crawl backwards. Hah! Yes, petty I know. But then I was gracious and said that I would swap it all for more sleep.

He’s not doing too bad at the moment. He is usually asleep by 8pm, waking up at 1am and 4am for a feed and he likes to get up about 7am, although he has woken up anywhere between 6:30am and 8:30am. And unlike magical baby above, he does not sit quietly in his cot or talk to his toys (there aren’t any anyway in his cot) – he will make noises that get progressively louder and eventually scream at us until we wake up and pay him attention.

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