Toy tray play

toy tray play baby

We had some fun today putting some of the Little Lovely’s toys on a large tray lid and letting him explore them all and push them around of the tray. Toys included a variety of textures, shapes and sound making items, and objects to mouth. It seemed to entertain him for a while! It was probably a novel experience for him as his toys and items are not usually presented to him like this. They are either on the floor, in a box or part of a treasure basket.
Rotate and alternate the toys for something different each week or day. psychology resource, perspective and blog on motherhood baby toy tray play

Having fun with toys presented on tray


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Baby at the table

So the Little Lovely (LL) has been trying out solids for about 2.5 months now. He is regularly eating a meal or two a day, more like two meals actually. I was unsure of how much milk to give him on top of this and whether to drop a milk feed and replace it fully with a solid meal. He seems to have a very good appetite and, other than making some faces at the first few bites of new food, he seems to eat anything he is offered.


The weaning literature seems to say stuff like “don’t worry about portion sizes at the moment – your baby will tell you when they have had enough” – and other things like the start of weaning being more about baby trying out and tasting different foods rather than about giving solid food for nutritional purposes. That’s all well and good, but LL will eat A LOT of anything he is offered and usually stops only once the food has run out. So, for example, if I offer him a 120g pouch of food he will eat it all, and eat any additional food that I offer afterwards. I can’t find anywhere how much in one meal an 8.5 month old is supposed to have, because it usually says the usual about “your baby will tell you when he’s full….etc”. Well, ok so am I supposed to stuff him with food until he’s sick? because that’s what it feels like will happen if I keep feeding him. weaning tales psychology perspective & blog on motherhood, babies

More Food Please


Anyway, I called up the NCT breastfeeding helpline to speak to someone about whether I should drop a milk feed and just have LL on one morning and one evening feed a day (2 feeds/day total). They were very helpful. They told me that he should have 4 feeds a day and will need approx 600ml of milk (formula or breastmilk), and even when he is one year old will still need a pint of milk a day, although at that point he could have cow’s milk. She said about weaning not being meal replacement but about being complementary to the milk, and over time the percentage of food to milk will change, with him having more food and less milk, but for now he gets his main nutrition from milk. She was speaking from a generic perspective, however, and said things that I don’t really think apply to LL such as about baby not eating that much at the moment etc, and that he needs calcium and the like. I told her that he ate a 90g pot of yoghurt today, so would that give him enough calcium? I asked. She thought it would.

He has also increased in weight from the 50% percentile at birth and the first 2 months or so, up to I think above the 90th centile, although I haven’t had him weighed for a few weeks. So, I’m still not sure about portion sizes and want to ensure he isn’t eating too much seeing as he needs 4 milk feeds on top of it!

Anyway, for dinner today he had butternut squash and pear. He seemed to like it. lots left over for the freezer. psychology resource & perspective on motherhood and babies, and blog. weaning tales. baby food

Butternut squash and pear home-made baby food

What’s for dinner, baby?

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what’s for dinner, baby? Toasty dinner

yum yum – organic brown toast with organic butter cut into baby clutch size pieces, and leftovers from an organic baby food pouch of peaches, pear and baby rice that we had earlier today for lunch! I’m still in the “i’m only getting organic and good stuff” phase. But I don’t think it will last long – in a similar vein I planned to eat mainly organic and healthy fruit and vegetables during pregnancy, but that didn’t last long either! I was soon on the chips. I cut out diet fizzy drinks though. I think I read a paper about large consumptions of diet drinks and an association with early labour. I will have to find the study and I think it was associated with quite a large quantity of drink though.

I’ve also finally ordered a high chair, so the Little Lovely can eat his food and we can continue weaning without having to use his bouncy chair. I do like the look of Montessori weaning tables, however, but i’m not sure where to buy one and I don’t know if LL can/would be willing to sit in one yet. More on the Montessori method and weaning here (How we Montessori), including pictures of weaning tables (apparently people make their own, if they can’t find one commercially), and here (At Home with Montessori). Here’s a nice little video of a baby sitting at a weaning table eating and some of the Montessori related thinking and process relating to eating and weaning, from the Full Montessori (good name!). Ceramic or glass bowls/kitchenware is also used in the Montessori method because if it falls and breaks, then baby witnesses and learns the consequence. A trip to the charity shop is in order maybe for some cheap and cheerful bowls that you don’t mind breaking then?!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered that highchair…..

What’s for dinner, baby?

Yum yum, tonight I have made red lentil and sweet potato mush for the Little Lovely. Boiled up the lentils, steamed the sweet potato over the lentils, blended, added a bit of the lentil water because the consistency was too thick. Then popped into pots and put a couple in the fridge for the next few days and the rest in the freezer. Hope he likes it. Trying to offer non fruit or overly sweet options to him. Although, the potato is sweet, but not too much. We’ll see how it goes down. He always makes a terrible face the first time he tries something new but then doesn’t mind it after a few more bites.

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