Tooth explosion

Long time no write. Had a few bad nights sleep. The Little Lovely appears to have about 6 different teeth all coming in in various stages. His molars are coming in/have come in on the top and bottom, and also it looks like his top “fangs” are through. His bottom fangs also look like they might be attempting to push through. There is some drool going on. There is terrible nappy rash. It’s the worst i’ve ever seen it. Very odd tooth explosion occurring. At this rate he’s going to have all of his teeth apart from the back molars by the time he is 1. He almost has 16 teeth, if you count the 4 fangs, well actually, the bottom two might not be coming in, i’m not sure, it just looks like there’s something very very small threatening to poke out of there. Poor boy (he’s just over 11 months now).

Tis the season – for sickness

So we just got over a bout of sickness that lasted nearly a week whereby I had to take the Little Lovely to the doctors 3 times. I now have a large supply of re-hydration solution sachets that contain all the necessary salts and sugars one needs when being sick. We didn’t need to use them much and LL didn’t like the taste anyway. And so the sickness came to an end, and then just over a week later he became sick again with a cough-cold-virus thing! He also has an occasional temperature. So cue going to the doctors again when he was sick and had a temperature a few days ago. They said he has some cold virus. He is quite miserable.

Simple colour match activity idea for baby and toddler

Simple colour match activity idea for baby and toddler

A quick & easy colour match activity to try with baby and toddler, use existing items around the house.

Colour match activity idea: Easy and quick to set up

I Just set this up for the Little Lovely to play with tomorrow morning.

At 10.5 months he’s probably a bit young for colour matching (I think, but let’s see what he does tomorrow), but we will:

  • talk about the colours

  • and I’ll demonstrate (model) sorting them

I think these will be important aspects if the kid is a bit too young to sort the colours themselves → Learning through observation (vicarious learning), and also the social and fun aspects of doing it this way will be important.

Other things he might get from this activity: Motor skill development, sensory play (items have different textures and functions), exploration, learning about colours.



I used things that I already had about the house for this. The items are:

Blue: wooden round shapes, dolphin bath toy, a large lid from fridge pack of baked beans, linky loop, and a small plastic baby food pot

Green: crab bath toy, rattle, linky loop, and gum massager stick for teething

Pink: ball, wooden triangle shape, measuring spoon, and a roller with Velcro texture.

They are sitting on two pieces of LL’s clothing (blue vest and green jumper), and one of his toys (child safe mirror turned face down).


….. Hope he enjoys it!

Updates at 10.5 months – teeth, sickness and words

So what’s been going on recently for the Little Lovely? He’s 10 and a half months.
♥ He’s currently sick with some stomach bug that he picked up from who knows where. He got ill the evening after attending a baby class, so probably some other child at the class or he picked up and put something contaminated in his mouth that had been touched/mouthed by an infected child. Slightly annoyed, want to email the class and tell them he’s been sick now for 6 days, but babies put things in their mouths, but on the other hand, he’s never been sick before. Anyway, 3 trips to the doctor have been had and he is ok, but it could take 2 weeks to go. He’s not dehydrated and doesn’t have a temperature. If you’re concerned about or want to read more about Gastroenteritis in children, here is an NHS page about it! Have fun reading about the vomiting.
♥ He has a molar coming through on the bottom right. He had two hemotomas on the back of the top left and right gum, where I thought molars were coming through, his upper first molars, but no teeth have appeared. Instead one is coming in on the bottom (lower first molars), which is strange because according to information on appearance of teeth in children it’s usually the upper molars that appear first and then the lower ones at 12-18 months-ish.
♥ He can follow some simple instructions and pays attention when you say something to him such as “Little Lovely, can you say DaDa”, or “can you say cup” – and he’ll most of the time say DaDa or in the last few days can say “cup”, but says it as “bupp” – or something to that effect. He really just makes a “buu” or “bupp” noise but will say it specifically if you ask him to say “cup”, so I think this shows evidence of him listening to what you are saying and trying to speak.

Practising that pincer grasp and fine motor skill development – with raisins!

developing pincer grasp and fine motor skills by grasping raisins, for baby.

Fine motor skill and pincer grasp practice for baby – with raisins

So we were eating snacks today, and LL (aged just over 10 months) always wants to eat what you’re eating if you eat in front of him. I was eating jaffa cakes and so decided he probably shouldn’t have these because they are covered in chocolate and quite sugary.

I gave him some nice organic raisins instead (still have sugar in them, I suppose, but natural sugars?). I put them in a plastic tub for him to fish out and practice his fine motor skills. This was probably a good activity to help him practice his “pincer grasp” as well. Here’s some pictures. He seemed to like the raisins


developing pincer grasp and fine motor skills by grasping raisins, for baby.

Baby enjoying his raisins, pincer grasp and fine motor skill development





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