Have now added a bed time story to the routine! After the Bath, Change of clothes (was supposed to be a massage here as well but he was usually bit too tired, screamy and wanting a feed at this point) and Feed elements of the current routine.

The first few nights the LL fell asleep as usual during the bedtime feed. However, rather than putting him into his cot asleep (well, he does wake up a bit when moved into the cot) we now read him a story (Goodnight Moon, at the moment). At first he woke up very annoyed and crying, but now he sits and looks and touches on the book calmly. We then put him into bed awake and let him fall asleep. It takes him a while and sometimes with a bit of crying, but he eventually falls asleep without feeding. If he cries we go into the room to comfort him, he stops, then we go back out again and leave him to keep trying.

Next step – Try this for naps! I’ve been trying to read LL a story before day time naps (the Hungry Caterpillar) as well. Unfortunately we are still doing rock yourself to sleep in the buggy for day time naps. But – at least he is sleeping. One step at a time, and he still feels very little, getting on for 5 months.

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