What’s going on with baby clothes sizes? The “Little” Lovely (LL) ain’t so little anymore and despite being just over 5 months, he has been growing out of his 3-6 month vests and sleep-suits for some time. One vest after the other is being resigned to the vacuum pack plastic bag that gets shoved under the bed with the rest of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes that don’t fit him any more. Some have lasted a little longer and were either a bit generous on the size or maybe the many washes and soaks from trying to get poo stains off them, and his large size have stretched the fabric. Anyway, bought some 6-9 month old vests and sleep-suits from one well known baby store. The vests now barely fit him, and the sleep-suits are giant in the arm length and slightly long in the legs.

OK – so then bought some 9-12 month vests from a popular department store and there is a little big of wiggle room so they’ll do. Another set of sleep-suits from a supermarket and they are also quite large. No idea what’s going on there and I can’t keep buying stuff from different stores in the hope something will fit. I guess he’ll just have to grow into the sleep-suits. We’ve rolled the sleeves so they are kind of ok. I found some nifty little vest extenders online, not bought them yet but planning to so we can get a bit more life out of the vests that I JUST bought for him.

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