Ok so another sleep post. Many of my thoughts are about sleep and how to get more of it. As an update, I haven’t been using the Pantley’s method; I think I used it a few times then stopped. What seems to be working better is

1) trying to get a better, more consistent and predictable day time schedule in, including naps and feeds every 3 to 4 hours. I am doing a morning nap an hour or so after he gets up in the mornings because he seems to get tired and start rubbing his eyes very soon after waking. I am also trying to do the morning nap in his cot now, rather than rocking him in the buggy in the hope that this will be a consistent and predictable anchor point in the day and also to strengthen that association between being in the cot and going to sleep.

2) a bed time story as the last activity of our night time routine so that the Little Lovely isn’t being fed to sleep.

I say that it’s been working better, but things can always change. We’ve had a good few nights recently at least where he has gone to sleep around 8pm and woken for feeds around 12/1am and then 5am. I suppose that’s following our day time routine of eating every 4 hours or so. He also seems to be a bit quicker at settling himself to sleep and has even settled back to sleep a couple of times in the middle of the night following just a bit of patting – rather than a feed. I hope it lasts.

I still need to develop a nap routine. At the moment we are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar before naps but nothing else. I don’t know if that’s enough wind down time and cues for LL that we are going to go to sleep soon.

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