Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Baby-Brain.co.uk and thank you


Happy New Year everyone! And, thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog and site. It’s not been going long but i’ve very much enjoyed the reading and learning that goes on “behind the scenes” of it all. That includes reading and research for my own articles but also all the wonderful blogs, Pinterest Pins, facebook pages, activities and play ideas i’ve come across.

This will be the first year that I haven’t actually “done anything” on new year’s eve for a long time. Probably since I was a teenager. Even last year, when baby was a few weeks old we went out to see friends for dinner because he wasn’t on a schedule yet and could sleep more flexibly. Not so this year, but I don’t think I mind.

In a year, the Little Lovely has: Grown 16 teeth, can walk if you hold his hand (we think he’s taken 1 little step unsupported, on a few occasions, but no more). Can say a few words including “bus”, “fish”, “bath”, “splash”, “quack”, “moo”, “bear” (I think he thinks that dogs are bears), “book”, “mama”, and “dada” (and others). If you ask him what the duck says he will say quack, the cow – moo, the sheep – baba. He can touch his head if you ask him to, make actions like he’s brushing his hair, bring you a ball and probably a few other requests.

Here’s to another year!

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