Yep, it’s Halloween. Not sure if you’re supposed to wish others a “happy” one, but may it be filled with chocolate and fun, or not, if that’s what you prefer! Personally, I’ve forgotten to buy any sweets or treats so hoping no one comes knocking tonight (otherwise they’ll be presented with an old orange or even an old mince pie, if they’re lucky. I’ve got a few of those knocking around)!
Suppose I had better get prepared for the years to come; lots of trick or treating ahead for the *children*!


Happy Halloween 2015 from Babies, Psychology, Motherhood

Little Lovely was amazed by the size of this pumpkin we saw outside a shop

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2 comments on “Happy Halloween 2015!

  1. Life with Six Kids

    We bought chocolates for trick or treat last week but have eaten them. Ooops! Let’s hope both of us don’t get any visitors this evening.

    1. Emm Post author

      Hah! We’ve had one so far but *unfortunately* the baby was crying and I was holding/calming him and just couldn’t get to the door (it’s true!)

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