CBT and promoting mental health in young people. Links to resources. Baby-brain.co.uk

I came across this website today:



I’m not affiliated with it or anything. I just thought it looked interesting. They claim their aim is to:

“Conduct high quality scientific research and develop high quality intervention programmes that promote mental health in all young people. We make all of our resources available free of charge” 


There are some free CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) workbooks and sheets that you can read about here

→ Access the workbooks here


Please use your discretion and common sense when using self help therapeutic resources and things such as this that are available freely online. If you are concerned about any issues you or your child may be experiencing then you might wish to consider a visit and chat with your GP, midwife, healthvisitor or any other relvant health care professional who will be able to advise further.

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